Get qualified. Stay qualified. Get hired.

Welcome to the American Pipeline Inspectors Association (APIA)

The American Pipeline Inspectors Association (APIA): A new organization, dedicated to helping pipeline inspectors obtain and maintain the qualifications they need to get the jobs they want!


APIA provides:

  • Single training sessions that satisfy requirements for all operation and inspection companies' Operator Qualification (OQ) needs
  • OQ's that remain updated, valid, and active during membership regardless of location or job change
  • Centralized database for certifications, training information, and resumes
  • Safety training included in membership
  • Inspectors trained in standardized OQ programs
  • Inspectors with active, up-to-date OQ's
  • Central database of inspectors' training certifications


APIA offers:

  • Reduced training costs – monthly membership can save over 70% in retraining for new positions / companies
  • Reduced training time – no more re-qualifying just because you change companies
  • OQ portability – you earned it, you keep, it regardless of location or job change
  • OQ record maintenance – keeping your information updated and active, even if you're not on a job so you stay visible to possible employers
  • Cost savings: active/updated OQ's allow hiring for long or short-term jobs with no initial training cost
  • Reduced search time: APIA database helps you find inspectors that are ready to work as soon as you're ready to hire


APIA delivers:

  • Value – membership eliminates retraining and updating costs
  • Visibility – your files are on-the-job even when you're not
  • Velocity – your next employer can find you faster in APIA
  • Value – reduce typical training costs by over 70%
  • Value – reduce time finding inspectors ready to work
  • Value – reduce time getting inspectors on the job


Standardized training makes you more marketable.

The ability to start working without additional training makes you more valuable.

Central resume handling and placement in industry databases makes you more visible.

APIA membership makes it all possible!

APIA Programs

Operator Qualification Services

  • "Off-Session" Training…complete training opportunities near you
  • "On-Project" Training … evaluation opportunities on all major U.S. sites
  • Evaluator Network … broad network of trainers for urgent / last-minute training /OQ needs
  • OQ Updates / Upgrades … completed as-needed without additional charge for active members
  • Training / Evaluation Record Maintenance
    • APIA inspectors' information database available for review by inspection companies (companies that are hiring can find you easily and quickly)
    • Inspectors' information kept current regardless of changes in location or position (no more retraining for every job)
    • Inspectors' information kept active regardless of job-status (indicates you're ready to work even if you're between jobs)

Centralized Resume Handling

  • Online resume template…contains information hiring companies need to know
  • Ongoing resume updates … APIA staff keeps your resume current by adding new certifications/qualifications as they are obtained

Call 800-972-0328 and let APIA show you a better way to get qualified, stay qualified and get hired.